I Love Burgers Las Vegas Burger Review

I know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas but I Love Burgers is something that has to be shared.  Located inside the Palazzo shopping area, I Love Burgers is a burger lovers paradise.  The name got me interested but walking up to the actual restaurant got me excited.  Open layout full of burgers and fries, a bar that goes all around the outside edges and a burger menu to die for.  From the Standard Burger to I Love Bacon burger to the Oregon Trail burger, I Love Burgers truly has a a little bit of everything burger.

Featuring Chef Errol LeBlanc going all out in regards to flavor and magically tasting burger goodness, I enjoyed the whole experience.  I ended up going with the Standard Burger and adding a fried egg and some bacon goodness.  Why the Standard Burger with so many burger options available?  Because I’m a burger purist!  The folks at I Love Burgers grind their own meat and use top sirloin so it’s more like they are preparing a steak than a burger.  After ordering it took about 10 minutes for my meal to be ready and it looked the part.  Great presentation and delicious looking meal so after a few quick pictures it was time for a bite.

The patty was delicious and cooked to a nice medium pink.  The cheese was nicely melted on top with fresh tomato, onions and lots of fresh lettuce.  The fried egg was a nice touch but if you’ve read any of my other burger reviews you know that I’m quite confident that a fried egg makes any burger better.  The bun was amazing and is made special for I Love Burgers from a Las Vegas baker and lasts from bite one to the end.  I could have eaten that bun plain and been a happy camper but I digress.  The french fry selection was about as varied as the burger selection but I stayed true to form with regular fries and the I Love Burgers “secret sauce” which is known in Utah as fry sauce (finally a place outside of Utah featuring God’s gift to french fries).

The overall I Love Burgers experience was fantastic.  I was able to try some of the potato wedges, mozzarella sticks, triple truffle fries and a nearly 15 different sauces including a really good aioli sauce and a too die for bbq sauce.  The burger was mouth watering and the fries were crispy and flavorful.  Be warned that the I Love Burger burgers are good size burgers so plan accordingly.  My meal including burger, fries and drink came out to about $20 and could have easily been more if I added one of the sensationally appealing shakes.  I can easily recommend I Love Burgers for a truly unique gourmet burger experience.

I Love Burgers
3255 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas NV

702-242-BRGR (2742

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