Hires Big H Double Burger Review

Hires Big H Cheeseburger

Hires Big H iHires Big H Cheeseburgers an interesting place and full of history (a Salt Lake City original since 1959) and you feel it as soon as you walk in.  The cooking of each burger happens behind the scenes and it’s a restaurant full of tables and “older” people that have obviously chosen Hires for nostalgic reasons and less because of quality.  All of the Hires Big H burgers focus on being Big H burgers including the Canadian H, Mushroom H and many others.  I went with the traditional Double Big H Cheeseburger with fries (although their onion rings are highly recommended).  Heres the Hires Big H review:

The service is very interesting at Hire’s.  A lot of assumptions are made that you know what you are doing so if it’s your first time, be ready for a little confusion.  The staff is relatively friendly but it’s not an overwhelming part of the culture as most of the employees were more interested in talking with themselves then with customers.  After sitting down, and grabbing the menu, the first thing I noticed was NO NAPKINS, NO KETCHUP, NO SWEETNER, NO SALT, just menus. Like I said, Hire’s Big H was interesting.

AHires Big H Cheeseburgerfter getting the food, I had to ask for more fry sauce, more napkins (the two I was presented with just weren’t enough) and ask for ketchup (no ketchup ever).  The burger comes cut in half for easier consumption and that was a nice touch and I’d have to say that the double cheeseburger is an average burger.  For the price point of $5 for just the burger, it was an underwhelming burger and after leaving the restaurant on Fort Union I passed a Five Guys Burgers & Fries and couldn’t help but think to myself “I should have gone there”.

The fries were way better than the burger and are a crispy thicker fry that is delicious with fry sauce (but ask for more because Hire’s likes to keep the condiments hidden).  Overall, Hires Big H is a good place for nostalgia and to say “I’ve been there” but the burger is subpar, especially with a Five Guys just up the street.  I got the famous Big H Root Beer in a chilled mug and it was delicious but refills were hard to come by and the overall experience left me underwhelmed.  Average pretty much sums up the experience.


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  1. Wrong! It’s by far the tastiest burger west of The Mississippi. SLC is SO fortunate to have this iconic restaurant that serves up mouthwatering fare for more-than-reasonable prices. Five Guys doesn’t come close to the deliciousness factor that a Big “H” contains. What were you thinking? Hires is the best!

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