The Hillside Beach Home Burger in Manitoba Canada

Hillside Beach Restaurant Home Burger

Hillside Beach Restaurant Home BurgerIn the middle of Canada is a city called Winnipeg which is home to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Canadian Football League), the Winnipeg Jets (National Hockey League) and Lake Winnipeg (pure awesomeness). Today’s post is from earlier in the month when I was in Winnipeg and went to Hillside Beach for some rest and relaxation. One day for lunch it only seemed fitting that we try the Hillside Beach Store’s burger joint and the local favorite Home Burger.

What is a Home burger? It’s a nice third pound burger patty with some of their special seasoning which offered a uniquely delicious taste without taking away from their real secret which is their Hillside sauce. The easiest way to describe the Hillside Home burger is a pickle lovers super burger. If you like the taste of pickles than this is your burger, if you don’t then try something else. The Hillside sauce has a nice flavor but the thick relish and pickle slices made the overwhelming taste be pickles and well flavored bun with a mediocre grocery store bun. If the bun was toasted and lightly buttered this thing would have been heavenly. I do like the flavor of pickles so this burger was actually pretty good (just the bun caused me sadness).

The Hillside Beach Restaurant in ManitobaThe fries were average and soft but were fine for the beach. Priced at $8.00 CDN and located a short walk from the beach, this is a no brainer decision if you are in the area and want a good burger. Outside of the bun it was a fun burger experience and I walked away satisfied. Again, if you like pickles this will become a favorite. Avoid it if you don’t love pickles.

Hillside Resort Store
#10 Victoria Beach, Manitoba Canada

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