The Habit Burger Double Charburger

Double Charburger at The Habit

The Habit Burger charburgerAnd the burger joints just keep coming to Utah. Yes, that’s a good thing. The latest addition is The Habit Burger Grill which is another “originally started in California” style burger joint gracing Utah with their presence and I’m happy to report that it’s a great addition to the burger family. The Habit Burger Grill is at 2121 S. McClelland Street in Salt Lake City right by Smashburger. Their first few days in Utah they did fundraisers for the YMCA with all proceeds from the days sales going to the YMCA. Already a great start and worthy of a visit but how is the burger?

Short answer: Delicious. The Habit Burger is loved for their Charburger which is their secret to success. An open flame charbroil grill that adds flavor and keeps the burger patty juicy with a relatively unique flavor. Double Charburger at The HabitThe ranch dressing they add to their Charburgers is a secret recipe they make daily with another rather unique element to the burger is the way they layer the toppings. First off, the bun is delicious. Not super chewy or thick but just right for the patty. The bottom of the burger is the very freshly shredded lettuce with pickles and then tomato on top of that. The tomato acts as a buffer between the cold fresh ingredients and the freshly char-grilled beef patty which is topped with cheese and their grilled onions. It made for a very, very fresh tasting burger that kept the lettuce and pickles light and cool for the whole meal while the patty, cheese and onions were warm. It was a truly delicious experience and best described as a fresh, lighter tasting burger.

Sweet Potato Fries at The habitThe fries are pretty standard, typical fast-food fries that were good but not great however they have a Sweet Potato fries option which I also tried and they were absolutely superb. No ketchup or fry sauce needed with the perfectly salted and sweet sweet potato fries. Good portions, fresh toppings and a salsa hot bar with jalapenos and other peppery options for those looking for a kick. Overall my Habit Burger maden voyage was a wonderful experience and I’d like to highly recommend giving them a try. The Double Charburger meal was $7.20 with fries & drink while the Single Charburger meal was $6.20. Good price, great food, better staff.

The Habit Burger Grill
2121 S. McClelland
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 484-6132
Mon-Sat: 10:30am-10pm

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  1. 2007-08-17 22:10:52 I ate here tonight for dinner just to try it out. I got their #1 meal, which was your standard burger with fries and a drink. If anything, I’d liken it to a slightly overpriced In-N-Out burger (actually, the more I think about it, the better In-N-Out seems) with a Pluto’s type environment. This seems to be in line with everyone else’s comments. Mediocre burger joint minus the fast food atmosphere.

  2. Tried it out the first time, fries were cold . Had to get them replaced . Its standard like most places the only plus is there peppers and such you can add. Slightly more expensive $21.00 two people ! Just standard food .

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