Google’s Kobe Cheeseburger at the Googleplex

The Google Kobe Cheeseburger
The Google Kobe Cheeseburger
The Google Kobe Cheeseburger

With Google dominating the search engine landscape and becoming the solution for everything from email (gmail) to phone operating systems (Android) I figured that my latest visit to the Googleplex should include the Google Kobe Cheeseburger.  The order process at the Google cafeteria is simple, write your order and give it to the chef who will then yell your name and put the burger on your plate.  Whenever I see the word Kobe next to the word cheeseburger I get excited and the Google cheeseburger was no exception.

Although it was a little over-cooked the burger itself was quite tasty.  Let’s start with the lightly toasted bun which was fantastic, held the burger well and with the light toasting it really helped the overall burger experience.  The kobe beef patty was well-done, probably because I was eating it at a place of employment which may have no choice.  The toppings were fresh and were also self serve.  As you can see from the picture on the right, the burger looked great and tasted good.  I wouldn’t go to a restaurant for one of these but if it were medium-well and served with fries then sign me up as a regular visitor.

The fact that this was at the Googleplex and I was able to enjoy a can of Dr Pepper with my burger, have a slice of pepperoni pizza and some fruit with my cheeseburger and the fact that I was able to partake of the famous Google Ice Cream sandwich afterwards made the overall experience excellent when the burger itself was simply “good”.


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