Foundry Grill Angus Burger Review

foundry grill cheeseburger

WFoundry Grill Angus Burgerho loves Sundance?  I do, I do.  Sundance has a few restaurants in it including the Tree Room for those oolala moments and a sandwich shop but today was Foundry Grill time and I had only one thing on my mind, review the Foundry Grill Angus Burger.  Almost every other item on the menu has been raved about and my expectations were the same for their burger so here’s what happened.

Priced in the $10-$15 range, this burger is cooked to your liking (and it’s recommended that you have it cooked medium) with Certified Angus Beef, lettuce, tomato, pickle and your choice of cheese.  You can also add some avocado if you’re ready for it.  I did and it was a nice touch.  At lunch the burger took less than 10 minutes to have served and the bun was amazing!  The meat on this trip was a overcooked (more of a well done than a medium) and it tasted like it.  The toppings were delicious and other than having it overcooked, this was a great burger.

Tfoundry grill cheeseburgerhe other thing about the Foundry Grill Angus burger is that it comes with regular fries, garlic fries or sweet potato fries and after trying all three, you can’t go wrong with any choice.  The sweet potato fries did come with a nice dipping mustard which made it feel like a slice of heaven being served in the form of fries.  Overall this burger is best compared to Communal’s blue bacon burger and Spark’s Kobe Beef burger but falls short of both.  However, if you want a good burger and Foundry Grill’s Angus Burger is the worst you come up with, then life is pretty darn good.  The bun was amazing.  The meat was overcooked.  The fries were delicious but I wish there was fry sauce.


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