Firehouse Burger in Springville is darn good!

firehouse burger fireman at the front counter

firehouse burger fireman at the front counterToday we ventured to Springville, UT to experience Firehouse Burger in all its glory.  I’ve been hearing good things about Firehouse Burger and with its location where the old BrandX (of local fame) once stood it had big shoes to fill.  I’m happy to report that Firehouse Burger is better than BrandX ever was and hopefully you’ll get a chance to check it out in the near future.  Upon opening the front door I was overwhelmed with the smell and smoke of a good burger drive-in and the hand written specials including the “Most Popular” Red Devil burger and the “Yummy” Ladder 41 burger my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of what might be created by this place.  I ordered the the Ladder 41 because the word yummy appeals to my inner soul more so than Red Devil.

Firehouse Burger in Springville Ladder 41The Ladder 41 burger includes the specially seasoned Firehouse patty (which was absolutely delicious), bbq sauce, American cheese, bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato and fresh pickles that helped bring the whole thing together.  In fact all the ingredients worked so well together including the bakery fresh bun that this was the best burger I’ve had in a while.  To top it all off the fries were lightly seasoned and super crispy which made the meal that much better.  The fry sauce (which regular followers of BurgerVoice know means everything to me) was wonderful as well.  In talking with one of the owners it turns out that a lot of their menu is uniquely their own.  I love a burger place that can say they make their own fry sauce, own seasonin and own style of service.

Firehouse Burger in SpringvilleIn a nutshell, Firehouse Burger is here to stay.  The bun was darn good, the patty was darn good, the fries were darn good and the ingredients were all darn good.  Overall review of Firehouse Burger is that it’s a darn good burger establishment and worth the drive to Springville.  Combo specials ranged from $5 to $9 including fries and a drink and for you challenge eaters out there, Firehouse Burger has the 4 Alarm Medic Stand By challenge so feel free to burn yourself.

Firehouse Burger
1445 North Main Street
Springville UT 84663

Opens daily at 11am

Outside seating is covered with heaters in the winter and open/airy in the summer.


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  1. Made me hungry, I will be doing lunch there shortly.

  2. The food is the best around. The service is less then desirable. I usually always order from the drive-thru, and when I get to eating, the order has something wrong with it at least 4 out of every 10 times. It is frustrating to not have reliable service more often then that. I have slowed my visits from on average of twice a week to once maybe every other week. This is due just to the lack of quality service on the orders and attitude of the employees.

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