Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers Review – Lehi Utah

It was a big OK
Emmett and Ethel's wasn't worth the wait.
Emmett and Ethel's wasn't worth the wait.

Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers, Shakes and Hot Dogs is a new hamburger restaurant in Lehi, Utah.  Located on Lehi main street I had to make sure to visit this new burger joint.  I was very excited for this new place and have watched them build the building, install the benches, put up signs and then open the doors.

Now that the doors are open I’m proud to say I ate it.  The bad news: it wasn’t worth the wait.  I tried their primary cheese burger meal and the entire ordering process was painfully slow.  Obviously they are brand new so perhaps they are still working some kinks out but the service was slow, the food was “ok” and the wait between ordering and eating was nearly 20 minutes (and there weren’t that many people in line).  There were plenty of staff members but no one in charge.

The fries are heavily seasoned which can be good but the fry sauce is also heavily seasoned and to me, that’s not a good combination.  The burger itself was also “ok”.  In all honesty there was nothing special about Emmett and Ethel’s but I’m sure their shakes are good.  My recommendation is to have dinner some where else and end it with a shake at Emmett and Ethel’s.

Overall Rating:  MEDIOCRE (C)
Service Rating: SLOW (20 minutes between ordering and eating)
Fry Sauce: MEDIOCRE (C)

10 Comments on Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers Review – Lehi Utah

  1. It’s great food and more like dinning out instead of fast food. We love it there and are glad they are back in Lehi.

  2. I have eaten there on several occasions and I think you just had a one in a million incident. Its great food and yeah it takes a little bit of time to get your food, but to me its worth the wait!

  3. I am so glad to have them back they have the only hot dog that I will eat. There fries are to die for, and frankly they will always be worth the wait.

  4. I completely disagree with your “Medicore” rating. We LOVE Emmett’s burgers! Their food is delicious. In fact, I’m going there right now for lunch.

    I, too, am glad to have them back in town.

    Yay for Emmett’s!

  5. We have lived in utah for decades, nice to see new places open for food. however this place was little more than mediocre. it was SLOW, table were messy for a long time (30-40 Min) the burgers and sandwiches are NOTHING to brag about except they must make a lot of $ on them. Next time I will try the Ice Cream but never the food again.

  6. The Ice Cream is great, but the food is definitely not worth the price. The burgers are small, dry and overpriced. The fries are so-so. I think most of the business comes from Lehi locals that aren’t quite sure what good food tastes like.

    Very expensive for the cheap food they serve.

    Not worth the money at all.

  7. I’ve given it three tries now, two times they messed up my order. Only went there because of the 3 alarm chicken sauce. Waited for 25 minutes and was then told they were out of the sauce. Ordered two of the five piece chicken strips, only to arrive home to find out I had been given four in one of the orders. Fry sauce is horrible.
    3 STRIKES, YOU’RE OUT!! Won’t return!

  8. A strawberry shake and order of scones with honey butter will not disappoint.

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