Dairy Keen of Heber Utah Review – Home of the Train

Dairy Keen Cheese burger - Heber City, Utah
Dairy Keen Cheese burger - Heber City, Utah
Dairy Keen Cheese burger - Heber City, Utah

Heber Utah is home of the Heber Creeper Railroad and Dairy Keen, a fun burger and shake place along Heber’s main street.  To get to Heber you need to head up Provo Canyon past Sundance, Deer Creek Reservoir and Midway.  Dairy Keen is a fun place with a toy train that runs along the ceiling rairoad tracks of the restaurant.  Their most famous burger is the “Train Burger” but I decided to save it for next time, wanting to instead try their Super Cheese Burger.

The restaurant was clean and had the hometown feel.  The ladies behind the counter were a mixture of high school teen and Grandma, each with their train engineer’s hat and a ready to help you attitude.  I was quickly greeted with a hello and welcome to Dairy Keen and I had my food within just a few minutes.  The shakes are apparently one of the best in town (Granny’s is my first choice but it’s closed in the winter).

My Super Cheesy Burger was pretty good. It included two types of cheese and although the patty could have been larger to compensate for the amount of cheese it was a pretty good burger.  Quick Note: I need to review Granny’s and the local bowling alley before before announcing the best burger place in Heber. I wasn’t fully satisfied after the Dairy Keen super cheese burger but I think most children would like it.

The fries were standard thin french fries and didn’t have anything special to comment on.  The fry sauce was really good and I just wish their fries were thicker so they could compliment the fry sauce.

My overall rating for Dairy Keen in Heber is as follows:  The atmosphere is fun and the food it good.  The burger choices allow for you to have as much or as little burger as you’d like and with everything being good and the service being fast, it’s a good, dependable burger joint and worth a stop if you are in Heber City, Utah.  I will say that there was nothing unique to the flavor of anything I tried so it will go down as a dependable burger stop.

4 Comments on Dairy Keen of Heber Utah Review – Home of the Train

  1. Can’t believe you went to Dairy Keen and didn’t get the Train Burger. That’s like going to Disneyland and not riding Space Mountain.

  2. Neil, I promise to get the Train Burger on my next visit.

  3. You may like to try their mushroom burger if you like mushrooms, but be prepared to be a little messy.

  4. Let me save you a little trouble. There is no best hamburger in Heber. That implies that any of them are good, as sad as that may sound. My parents lived in this area for almost 20 years, if they picked up food at ANY of those places, beyond icecream, everyone would be pissed. Grill at home or go home. Heber is in desperate need of a real burger. Mickey D’s is the king currently and that is some sad commentary indeed.

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