Cubby’s Mighty Houdini Burger

Cubby's Provo Houdini Burger

Cubby's Provo Houdini BurgerIt’s burger time again.  Cubby’s Chicago Beef is a new addition to the dining scene in Provo and worth the drive.  Already getting ready for expansion, Cubby’s was packed with smiling patrons and when The Houdini and DragonSlayer were the burger names, I knew I was in for a treat.  The atmosphere of Cubby’s is immediately welcoming, warm and screams good food.  The menu is loaded with beefy options, great sauces and 3 types of french fries.  Today’s experience was the mighty DragonSlayer.

The Houdini Burger was a flavorful burger adventure with sauteed mushroom, crispy onions, delicious bacon, some specially smoked gouda cheese and a nice garlic aoili sauce that made the mixed greens actually work on a burger for the first time in my life (mixed greens aren’t usually the best choice for a burger but Houdini magic wins again).  Inside the Houdini Burger at Cubby's in ProvoPriced at $6.99 the only thing I was wishing for after my Houdini burger meal was another Houdini burger.  The bacon, onions and mushroom each added an individual flavor to the burger that made it sing and dance with my flavor-buds and the fresh bun was a wonderful compliment to the overall meal.

Cubby's ProvoNow for Cubby’s fries.  Holy crap!  Blue-cheese Buffalo fries on any menu makes me curious and eating them was a brilliantly satisfying adventure.  Their Sweet Potato fries were heavenly and their more traditional Rosemary Fries were like a thicker, better Smashburger fry option.  All were delicious and all were devoured.  Overall, Cubby’s is worth the drive, worth the line, worth your time.  Next up?  The DragonSlayer burger!

Cubby’s Chicago Beef
1258 N State Street
Provo, UT 84604

11am – 9pm

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