Chubby’s Southern BBQ Burger

Chubby's Cafe Southern BBQ Burger

Chubby's Cafe Southern BBQ BurgerGood news burger lovers, Chubby’s Cafe in Pleasant Grove has a new burger on the menu and it’s delicious.  The Southern BBQ burger is newly listed as a burger option on the menu so it seems to make sense that it becomes today’s burger review.  You already know I’m a fan of Chubby’s and dream of their fries on a regular basis but I still had my doubts about the their take on a bbq burger.  With that said, here we go.

When you take the deliciousness of a Chubby’s bun, add a nicely cooked beef patty, some house-made bbq sauce, crispy southern coleslaw, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, pickles and a fried egg (optional but I live by the idea that an egg makes any burger better) you’ve got yourself one of the best BBQ burgers I’ve ever had.  The BBQ sauce wasn’t overpowering with any single bite and matched nicely with the coleslaw and grilled onions.  The pickles like crispy surprises with each bite and the Southern BBQ burger may become my new favorite at Chubby’s (replacing the Utah burger with bacon and egg).  Uniquely Chubby’s, the Southern BBQ burger really hit the spot today and tasted like something I’d been missing.

Yummy Chubby's Cafe in Pleasant GroveThe beer-battered fries were just as perfect as last time and were the perfect addition to the tangy, bbq goodness of the Southern BBQ burger.  Priced at under $6, go on and give the Southern BBQ burger a try on your next Chubby’s Cafe adventure.  I’m glad I did.

Chubby’s Cafe
670 West State Road
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

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