Chubby’s Cafe Burger Review

Welcome to Chubby's Cafe
Welcome to Chubby's Cafe

Chubby’s Cafe in Pleasant Grove is new the burger scene but are hitting it with full force.  From the fun and unique atmosphere inside the restaurant to the cafe style location, Chubby’s Cafe has the makings of a great burger joint but looks can be deceiving so it was time to check their burgers out for real.

The Chubby’s Cafe menu consists of the entry level All-American Burger for $4.99 all the way to a Bleu Bacon Burger or Pastrami Burger for $6.25.  What makes them really special is their beer battered fries, and they are simply amazing.  The fry sauce is perfect and compliments the greasy goodness of the fries like they are meant to be eternal companions.  All of the Chubby’s Cafe burgers are hand pressed patties and the beef is fresh and flavorful.  Taking a look in the back kitchen area, the folks at Chubby’s aren’t messing around and everyone I went with loved their burger.

Chubby's Cafe Pastrami Burger

Today we tried the Chubby Challenge (read more here), a Pastrami Burger and the All-American Burger.  The pastrami was flavorful and the whole delivery was great.  The food is served on big plates so you get the down-home feeling which certainly adds to the experience but the combination of bun, beef, simple toppings and beer battered fries has quickly moved Chubby’s Cafe into a favorite burger experience.  The All-American was just as flavorful and again, those beer battered fries were talked about over and over and over.

Overall, Chubby’s Cafe gets an A from BurgerVoice and I think you’ll agree, Chubby’s will be around for a long, long time.


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  1. Just tried them out today. The beer-battered fries, as you noted, were absolutely awesome! I had the Utah burger which might have been just as awesome. I couldn’t really tell due to the overwhelming amount of bread that came with it. It’s too bad because it covered up the taste of a fine burger beneath it all.

    Overall, not bad. After becoming President I may fly out from DC on occasion to have a Chubby.

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