Chubby Burger Challenge

The Chubby Challenge

This is a sad burger post because it highlights a failure in my life.  My failure to eat a one-pound burger and one-pound of fries in 15 minutes, also known as the Chubby Challenge and Chubby Burgers in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  The Chubby Challenge is something straight from Man vs. Food as you can’t help but want to conquer the challenge but find yourself fighting the clock as the 15 minute timer gets closer and closer to ruining your dream of chubby challenge success.  Today was my Man vs. Food moment.

At the 15 minute mark the reality of failure hit me pretty hard.

What is the Chubby Challenge?  12.99 for a one-pound burger, one-pound of fries and if you eat it all in 15 minutes or less you get your meal for free and your picture enshrined to the Hall of Fame.  If you fail to eat it all in 15 minutes you pay for your meal and you are forever disappointed when your picture is taken for the Hall of Shame.

The Chubby Challenge burger is a hefty one-pound burger with lettuce, ketchup, mustard and tomato and three slices of cheese spread over the patty.  The bun was delicious and overall it’s a darn good burger.  The fries are beer-battered fries and are absolutely delicious!  The problem really came when the 15 minute time limit was issued because as much as I like burgers and fries, I don’t typically try to speed through my meal.  In other words, I’m not a competitive eater and it showed in the Chubby Challenge.  In fact, I was headed for the Hall of Shame about 8 minutes in when I still had half my burger and most of the fries.

As luck would have it, I had the privilege of watching 2 other people fail at the Chubby Challenge during the same lunch so my self-confidence wasn’t completely ripped apart…just a little.  Good luck eaters!

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  1. I beat the Chubby challenge! They recently changed it to make it even harder. It is now a sandwich made of 3 grilled cheese sandwiches with 4 hamburger patties and the pound of fries. I thought I was going to die! The video will be posted on youtube soon.

  2. Can’t wait to see the video. Sounds delicious but I’m afraid I’ll fail again if I try….although it does sound deliciously fantastic. Must see the video:)

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