Chief Burger Officer at Red Robin

Chief Burger Officer Application

Chief Burger OfficerHave you ever wanted to be the Chief Burger Officer at Red Robin?  If not, than vote for BurgerVoice.  If you have then hurry and get your application rolling before May 15th at  That’s right, to celebrate National Burger Month (May is really National Burger Month….even Wikipedia agrees) Red Robin is hunting for their first Chief Burger Officer.  You’ll be immortalized with a nameplate, have your name and photo in lights on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Marketsite Tower, get an Ipad, travel to Red Robin’s Corporate Office in Denver, free Red Robin food and other special surprises.

So how do you become the Chief Burger Officer at Red Robin?  The application process is intense and is only for serious contenders.  You need to know which Red Robin burger you’d have in your CBO portrait, you’ll need to be ready to share your favorite Red Robin burger experience, you’ll have to share what your first recommendation would be to Red Robin as CBO but most importantly you’ll have to share your plan for taking Red Robin love to the world.  It’s like running for President only different.

Happy National Burger Month and here’s to being the first Chief Burger Officer at Red Robin.

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