Chicken Sandwich Week

Burgers are amazing but I realize that there are people in the world that for one reason or another don’t like burgers.  As sad as that sounds, it’s true.  To show my support for people that don’t eat burgers (or at least my acceptance of them), I have decided to devote this week to another restaurant and fast food favorite of mine, the Chicken Sandwich.

A chicken sandwich is primarily made up of a boneless, skinless, breast of chicken served on a hamburger style bun with some combination of lettuce, mayo, tomato, bacon and cheese (especially as a swiss & bacon combo at most fast food joints).  Honey mustard, barbecue sauce and chipotle sauce are also pretty popular on chicken sandwiches.

Chick-fil-A is the not so humble beginning of the chicken sandwich.  Why is a not so humble beginning you ask?  Because they tell everyone, all the time, that’s why.  They serve the fried chicken breast with only a pickle and bun and are pretty darn popular with chicken lovers everywhere.  From the commercial awesomeness of  Dairy Queen’s Flame Thrower Chicken Sandwich to the Rhode Island and Nebraska only  KFC Double Down Chicken sandwich, we know there are a lot of good chicken sandwiches out there and this week, BurgerVoice will try a few.

Welcome to Chicken Sandwich Week at BurgerVoice.  Let’s eat some chicken!

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