Chef’s Table in Orem Now Offers a Lunch Avacado Bacon Burger

Chef's Table's New Lunch Burger
Chef's Table's New Lunch Burger
Chef's Table's New Lunch Burger

If you enjoy fancy meals and live anywhere near Orem then you’ve probably been to Chef’s Table.  But did you realize that Chef’s Table now offers an Avacado and Bacon Hamburger on their lunch menu.  Priced at roughly $12 and served with some pretty good fries this is a good quality burger.  I tried this first experience without any ketchup or mustard and had it cooked medium/well.  For future reference I’ll say that I recommend adding ketchup and mustard as well as cooking it pure medium because the /well aspect of the meat dried it out a little.  Special Note: I take full responsibility for the medium/well request.

The avacado was delicious and the bacon was very crispy and a perfect compliment to the burger.  The lettuce and tomato was also fresh which is what I really appreciate about Chef’s Table.  I did not like the bun though.  I’ve learned over the years that the bun can make or break a burger and the bun used on the Chef’s Table burger was not a compliment to everything else in the burger.  It would have been better with a nicely toasted burger bun with a little more chewiness.  Chef’s Table also adds a nice sauce to the burger patty which is probably to keep the moisture and burger juices in and it was a nice touch, but I still love my ketchup:)

As for the atmosphere, you’ll enjoy the Chef’s Table atmosphere and the service is the best in the state.  Everyone is extremely professional, friendly and when the Chef himself comes to your table to make sure you enjoyed your meal, you know you’re eating at the right place.  You easily lose track of time while eating at Chef’s Table because of the attention to detail in every aspect of the inside of the restaurant, so make sure to book plenty of time for the meal.

OVERALL BURGER – B+ (but I bet it’s an easy A- when you add ketchup and request a medium patty instead of medium/well)


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