Cheeseburger in a Can

Believe it.

Believe it.Attention Lovers of the Outdoors: If you’ve ever wished for a cheeseburger while out in the middle of nowhere the answer has arrived.  Thanks to Trevor A. (and the internet) I was introduced to the mighty Cheeseburger-In-A-Can.  Yes, it’s a canned cheeseburger with a 12 month shelf life that requires only a hot water bath and a hungry soul.  Knowing that whatever I eat for lunch or dinner can’t be worse than a canned cheeseburger has helped me commit to another year of burger blogging.  Apparently this canned creation of madness is only available in Germany but don’t think I’m not looking for a way to get my hands on some!

I believe the feelings that came to mind in watching some of the videos here can best be described with the following words: WHY? OH NO? IS THAT A TOMATO? BOILED BURGER?

Again, I hope to actually have one for myself but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the web.

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  1. That looks terrible, although I guess it cant be much worse than the burgers you get frozen out of vending machines, or by the deli at the local wal mart.

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