Chedda Burger Review – The Dealer Burger

Chedda Burger and Chedda tots

It’s time to talk about Chedda Burger. It comes with some hype and excitement but I tried to keep my expectations reasonable. The staff was great, the restaurant was awesome and handled the line up like it was nothing new (always a good sign for a popular burger place). Here’s the Chedda Burger review.

Chedda Burger

I asked them what they recommend as the basic Chedda Burger and that was a hard question. Everything is popular and everything is delicious was the answer but I do wish there was a basic Chedda Burger (just a suggestion). I went with The Dealer as it sounded delicious and included the BBQ pulled pork I’ve heard so much about. I also went with the Chedda Tots to add some Chedda originality.

Chedda Burger The Dealer Burger

The Dealer is a delicious patty of beef cooked Medium with cream cheese, BBQ pulled pork, fried jalapenos and their poblano cilantro ranch. The bun is delicious and holds up surprisingly well to the mess that is the burger. When it arrived it looked hearty and ready to be devoured. After the first bite I was a Chedda Burger fan. The flavor was there, the meat was delicious (both the beef and the pork) and the sauce was incredible. Did I mention the bun? It really was good. Meat was fresh and felt hand pressed, the toppings were plentiful but not overwhelming and all ingredients worked together perfectly.

Chedda Burger and Chedda tots

Now let’s talk about the Chedda tots. I don’t think I ever need another Chedda tot. It looked good but is a mushy mess that didn’t really taste like anything. If they just had regular tots though, they’d be amazing. I’ll get the fries next time and then the meal will be complete (I stole some from my friend and loved them).

Overall, I can easily and happily recommend Chedda Burger. I’d say to go hungry and experiment with a few different burgers until you find your favorite. The toppings are unique and the burger names are fantastic:
The Dealer, Chili Con Padre, Turnpike Love, The Mother Hen, La Tula, Old Faithful, The Schwinn, The Rasta, The Green Mile. What’s not to love about that?


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  1. Just ordered take out first and last time visit. They make the worst meal that can be imagined. Price outlandish. My wife’s burger was burned. The burger did not even cover the bun. Absolutely the worst fast food establishment I have ever visited.

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