Chadder’s Stubby Double Review – American Fork – Utah

Chadder's Stubby Double Meal

Do you like In&Out Burger whenever you go to California?  Of course you do!  Well this is about as close as you will get without actually eating at In&Out.  In fact, I’d venture to say the burger is better and the fries are pretty close (but are not the same).  The Chadders in American Fork, Utah is on busy corner that makes it easy to get to and easy to enjoy.  The food is made fresh when you order and the atmosphere is classic Drive-In.

Chadder's Stubby Double Meal
Chadder's Stubby Double Meal

This trip I had their “Stubby Double” which is a double patty burger with the secret sauce and all the fixens.  I’ve eaten here twice before, both were right after they opened and both left me feeling like they were still figuring out their recipe.  I’d venture to say I was right because either I was starving and anything would have tasted great or this burger was delicious.   I wasn’t starving so my final answer is: This was a perfect “Classic Drive-In Style” burger. It was juicy, fresh and I walked out wanting to tell someone about it.  In fact, I brought a companion burger eater with me and he went back the next day because he couldn’t get it out of his head.

Now to the french fries.  I’m not a fan of the spongy, skinny fries offered at Chadder’s or In&Out.  So take this with a grain of salt but, the fries were fresh (as always) and I love their fry sauce so, when used as a tool to get more fry sauce in my system, the fries at Chadders were fine.  If you like In&Out fries then you’ll like the Chadder’s fries.

The customer experience is always good and they are a friendly, busy group.  The atmosphere is fun and you don’t mind getting messy eating your burger.  If you are in American Fork and craving a Drive-In style burger (or In&Out) then Chadder’s is a great place and it’s right in between to freeway entrances so you can get back to work in a jiffy.

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  1. I just had to stop by and really thank you for the kind words. This is a review we at Chadders could read over and over again. It makes us want to work that much harder to bring the best tasting burgers and fries around!

    We hope to see you back at Chadders again and thanks again for the support for Chadders!

    All the best,

    Oh and by the way… We’re opening another Chadders location in Provo, next to the BYU campus.

  2. Chadders is also friendly to the Gluten-free crowd. They only cook fries in the fry oil and they offer their burgers in a beef n leaf version.

  3. I love the beef leaf and the fries!! Chadders and in and out are the only places I know of that have fries that gluten-free people can have! I love love love the beef leaf! 😀

  4. And now closed! Karma man! Karma! Karma will catch up to you! They tried to be an In n out burger joint lol And got caught! So In n out opened up more or less in the same 4 locations area lol Ain’t that a bitch

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