Burger King Rodeo Burger

bk-rodeo-burger-mainAt the end of the day I’m just a regular burger lover. I don’t need a fancy super burger to make me happy, sometimes the dollar menu special works just fine and today was Burger King Rodeo Burger day. That’s right, I spent a buck on a Rodeo Burger today and had a glorious, sweet barbecue saucy time eating it up. Although it didn’t look quite as amazing as what you see in the Burger King ads it was still a divine dollar burger experience and I may be thinking about another one right now. Here’s the review of the Rodeo Burger at Burger King. Continue Reading

GriDeli’s Big Nasty Burger

GriDelis Ogden UtahIf you ever find yourself in the South Ogden area of Utah may I recommend visiting GriDeli’s Burgers and Subs. Their menu was loaded with options for burgers including the Maui, Fat Head, Jalapeno, Bleu Bacon and more. All of them are 1/3 lb. burgers with various additions and specialty items. So with so many options which one did I choose? Naturally, the Big Nasty burger which immediately called out to my BurgerVoice palate. Let’s review it. Continue Reading

Bona Vita Italian BV Burger

BV Burger at Bona Vita in LehiWell the Lehi, Utah area has a new burger to try and it’s at an Italian food place. No joking here, Bona Vita Italian Bistro has a BV Burger on their menu and it’s a half-pound of Italian inspired deliciousness. Bona Vita is located by the outlets near Traverse Mountain so parking is easy, access is easy and the staff was super-friendly.  In fact, one owner invited us in and helped us find a seat while the other owner was the chef. Not a bad set up!  Here’s the review. Continue Reading

Farm Burger at Joe’s Farm Grill

Farm burger at Joes Farm Grill in Gilbert ArizonaJoe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona has been featured by Guy Fieri so there was a lot of talk about how special this burger was going to be. The featured burger was their Fontina Burger but the first picture I saw on the wall was of some of the most beautiful onion rings I’ve ever seen, so that’s what we ordered first. The onion rings not only looked amazing but tasted like cake batter infused onion goodness. The amount of flavor packed in to each onion ring had me licking my fingers and grabbing for any crumbs. Delicious! It was the beginning of a very special burger experience in the beautiful Arizona desert. Continue Reading

The Antelope Burger at Lucky 13

Lucky 13 Antelope BurgerOne of my favorite things about Lucky 13 is the fun they have with burgers. Posted regularly on their Facebook page, Lucky 13 posts special meat and exotic meat burgers. Today’s special was the Antelope burger which, in all honesty, has never been on my list of burgers to try but when the opportunity to eat an Antelope burger presents itself, you do it. So I did and here’s the official Antelope burger review. Continue Reading

The Umami Burger Manly Burger

Umami Manly BurgerIt’s a special day folks.  I had my first Umami Burger experience today and loved every minute of it.  I’ve heard a lot about Umami and their lovely burgers, sides and atmosphere so was ecstatic to try it out.  With it also being Movember I felt like the Manly Burger was my best bet for today in addition to some sweet potato fries, skinny fries, fried pickles and a diet coke (served in a nicely chilled bottle).  Let’s discuss the Umami Burger Manly Burger, shall we? Continue Reading

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