Carl’s Jr. Big Carl Combo Gift Card Giveaway

Big Carl Combo!!

Big Carl Combo!!I didn’t believe it at first but am now converted.  Carl’s Jr. is running a special to beat all specials on the newest Combo Meal – The BIG CARL COMBO – in which you receive a Gift Card with your combo worth $1, $3, $5, $10 or $100.  The trick is you don’t find out what it’s worth until your next visit.  Another win for Carl’s Jr.  Not only do I get a Big Carl Combo (XL please) for about $5.50 but I get at least $1 dollar off my next trip to Carl’s Jr.

I’ve already reviewed the Big Carl before and I’m standing by the fact that this is a great burger.  Their sauce for this burger is also really growing on me.  With the XL Combo I also got plenty of fries on this trip which really hit the spot.  Another new thing at Carl’s Jr. is the drink selection.  Monster Energy Drinks are available now (not cheap) but they’ve also got Powerade coming out of that soda machine so you can drink healthy while over indulging in the bounteous goodness of the Big Carl and fries.

I’m not typically a Combo Meal fan but today’s combo was a good price and the meal was delicious.  Perhaps it’s my excitement for the Thanksgiving Turkey in just a few days.

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