Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s Money-Back Guarantee and the Big Hardee

The Big Hardee

The Big HardeeToday is the the official launch of the Money-Back Guarantee at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.  If you don’t agree that the Hardee’s Thickburgers or the Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Burgers are better than the McDonald’s Angus Burgers (any of them) you can request a mail in form and get your money back.  I’m sure they’ll get some takers but just because a free lunch always tastes good, not because of taste.

Hardee’s also introduced the new BIG HARDEE (pictured to the right) to go along with the BIG CARL and attack the Big Mac at McDonalds.  This is really getting fun for burger lovers everywhere. When it comes to enjoying what they do, you have to give credit to Carl’s Jr parent company CKE for really having fun with this.  They’ve launched new commercials poking fun at Angus Burgers from McDonalds pointing out that they don’t need to do anything to make their point.

Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE (sign me up for his job any day) said in today’s official press release: “While McDonald’s is trying to convince people that they can make as good a premium-quality burger as Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. can, we knew we could make a bigger, better Big Mac for less money at both brands,” added Puzder. “The Big Hardee costs a lot less than the Big Mac, is charbroiled, and has more meat and cheese. And instead of having a third bun, the Big Hardee has a third beef patty. We think burger fans will love that.”

Andrew, burger fans do love it!

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  1. I was refused a refund after I saw the cashier take her nasty clear plastic gloves and place a burger wrapper on the the back table by the guy that was cooking,she played with that burger wrapper for about 5 minutes and left it on the counter, the guy that made the burger was chatting with her the whole time and wrapped the burger that was for me in that same wrapper, I refused because of the cross contamination

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