Buster Burger Menu

Buster Burger Menu

Buster Burger is located in South Jordan, Utah at 1078 West South Jordan Parkway and is home to a variety of burgers including the mini buster, Single Buster, Double Buster and the boldest of all Triple Buster (read our Buster Burger Triple Buster Review).  You can pick and choose your toppings and Buster Burger offers all the sauces you could ever dream of.  Add pineapple to any burger for .79 or add bacon for only .69.  There is also a TCBY located inside so you get the best of every world.  Here is the Buster Burger menu for your viewing pleasure.

Buster Burger MenuBuster Burger Sides Menu


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  1. somebody got the idea from watching that 1986 movie HAMBURGER THE MOVIE. I’m talking about naming the South Jordan Utah burger restaurant BusterBurger, naming it after the fictional burger joint in the movie. Who knew the fictional name would be brought to reality in South Jordan, Utah?

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