Burgers Supreme Pastrami Burger Meal in Provo Utah

Provo's Burgers Supreme
Provo's Burgers Supreme
Provo's Burgers Supreme

Burger Supreme is a Provo burger restaurant with a rich history and continues to be one of the few authentic burger joints in Provo.  Located on University Avenue in Provo, the constant burger smoke pouring out of Burger Supreme nearly allows you to let your nose be your guide in locating it.  Today’s Burger Supreme meal was the Pastrami Burger with Fries and it was everything you might expect.

Since my first Pastrami burger experience I’ve been a fan of pastrami burgers and the Burger Supreme pastrami burger was no exception.  Their pastrami was juicy and had a really nice spice to it.  The beef pattie was also juicy and the two together really hit the spot.  I also have a tendency to use Fry Sauce as a dipping sauce for the pastrami burger and the Burger Supreme fry sauce is a wonderful compliment to their fries and the burger.

Overall, today’s burger was a nice combination of spice, grease and Dr Pepper.  Burger Supreme still stays on my favorites list and if you like Crown Burger or any other “pastrami burger” restaurant then I’m sure you’ll love Burger Supreme too.


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