Burger Stop in Layton makes a great Stopper Burger with Cheese

Burger Stop's Stopper Burger Combo
Burger Stop's Stopper Burger Combo

Burger Stop in Layton was a pleasant dinner surprise.  After a business event in Layton I typed “burger” into my phone and found Burger Stop.  As soon as I turned the corner and found Burger Stop I was intrigued by the diner style restaurant and Burger Stop’s authentic look and feel. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in for a treat.  One of Burger Stop’s more popular burgers, according to the staff, is their Stopper Burger.

The Stopper meal was fantastic.  The french fries were authentic and the burger itself was exactly what I expected.  A 50s style burger joint with a nicely toasted bun, good meat quality and light toppings (to keep everything at the right moistness).  The burger’s bun was chewy on the inside, bronzed with butter and fit the burger perfectly.  From beginning to end, this burger was all intact.

I will say that the Stopper is a standard burger meaning I’ll get two next time.  The other guests were all families and it looked like everyone was eating Ice Cream or the Stopper meal.  The menu was full of a wide selection of burgers and I will be back!

OVERALL RESTAURANT ATMOSPHERE – A+ (it’s a great restaurant)
FRY SAUCE – B- (I’ve had worse and I’ve had better)


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