Burger King’s Black Bun Whopper for Halloween

Black Bun Burger King Whopper

Halloween Black bun Whopper from Burger KingThe black bun Halloween Whopper is now available at Burger King and it’s pretty darn good. The in-store banners make it look like it’s going to be a bigger, meaner Whopper with a unique and amazing black bun but the reality is it’s the same old Whopper just with a chewy, black-dye infused bun on the outside. It’s served in the normal Whopper wrapping which is a little disappointing because you just paid extra for the opportunity to have a Halloween bun (shouldn’t it be served in a Halloween wrapper?) but it’s a fun marketing push for October and I’m glad I tried it.

I do like Whoppers so in a nutshell, this is just a little chewier version of the classic Whopper and if you have kids, they will love watching you eat it. The Halloween Whopper meal runs $6.99 so go give it a try.

Black Bun Whopper

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