Burger King St Patrick’s Day and Free French Fries

Burger King, St. Patrick’s Day and French Fries don’t always go together but this year they really do.  How you ask? Well to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Burger King is offering for Saturday & Sunday (March 17-18) free french fries and green dipping sauce (it’s like ketchup only green).  Spreading the luck of the Irish was quoted as a reason for sharing fries on St. Patrick’s Day and BurgerVoice is an official Burger King AND St. Patrick’s Day supporter so enjoy.

From the chiefs at BK:

“Free fries for St. Patrick’s Day weekend is the BURGER KING® way of sharing the luck of the Irish with all of our guests,” said Alex Macedo, senior vice president, North America marketing, Burger King Corp. “We’re especially excited to have teamed up with Heinz, makers of America’s Favorite Ketchup®, to offer a fun and festive green dipping sauce on the side.”

Here’s the announcement in its entirety.  Weekends are always great for eating free french fries, wearing green and talking about fun games. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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