Burger King Rodeo Burger

bk-rodeo-burger-mainAt the end of the day I’m just a regular burger lover. I don’t need a fancy super burger to make me happy, sometimes the dollar menu special works just fine and today was Burger King Rodeo Burger day. That’s right, I spent a buck on a Rodeo Burger today and had a glorious, sweet barbecue saucy time eating it up. Although it didn’t look quite as amazing as what you see in the Burger King ads it was still a divine dollar burger experience and I may be thinking about another one right now. Here’s the review of the Rodeo Burger at Burger King.

rodeo-burger-burger-kingPriced at $1.00 it’s a great deal to get a pretty good burger. Again, it’s a dollar so let’s keep that in mind as we talk about it. Today’s Rodeo burger (pictured below) came with 3 onion rings on it with the BBQ sauce and my BK patty. I already like the BK patty and consider it as good as the Carl’s Jr patty (which pretty much rounds out my top 2 fast-food burger patty recommendations…I’m a sucker for the “charbroiled”) so that was easy. The BBQ sauce is sweet and a little tangy but again, I like my BBQ sauce sweet like that. I’m also a fan of most onion rings but I’ll admit that the Rodeo Burger onion rings are probably best served on a burger, covered in sauce and not as an actual side.

Burger King Rodeo BurgerI also tried the Rodeo Chicken sandwich which was also a buck and it’s the exact same thing only a piece of their fried chicken sandwich instead of the patty. It’s all about liking the sauce for the Rodeo burger. I liked it and I don’t care who knows it. Go on, try a Burger King Rodeo Burger for a dollar and let me know what you think.

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  1. This is the only place I’ll eat a burger lol it’s terrible I know but it’s only burger I like

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