Burger King BK Whopper Jr. Review

The Mighty Whopper Jr.

The Mighty Whopper Jr.The Whopper is as legendary as John Wayne (the burger version of John Wayne) and I love the commercials for the Whopper Jr.  Now it’s time for the official Whopper Jr. review.  Realizing that I’ve been a Whopper fan since birth (or as soon as I had teeth) I have to say that the easiest statement is that the Whopper Jr. is exactly the same as a Whopper, only smaller.  I was surprised at how much smaller (see picture) but it was just as juicy, wet and charbroiled as the original.  By wet I mean that the Whopper Jr. carries with it a juicy patty, great mayo sauce, shredded lettuce and great tomato that together make it completely edible without a drink.   That’s hard to do with a burger and one of the things I love about a summer Whopper Jr.

This Whopper Jr. was wrapped to perfection and I actually felt like I was unwrapping a gift.  Credit goes to the preparer!  The bun is a nice sesame seed bun and the beef patty is pretty close to exactly the same size as the bun.  The shredded lettuce was hanging out just a little but the tomato and sauce were perfectly aligned with the beef and buns.  Although the patty is small, the toppings (including the onion) were well matched and it maintained the same level of coordination as the original Whopper.

Overall it was a  good burger and although smaller than most other Value Menu burgers, it’s a good value at $1.  I just hope the Whopper goes on sale again soon, those were good time!

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