Bona Vita Italian BV Burger

Bona Vita BV Burger and fries

BV Burger at Bona Vita in LehiWell the Lehi, Utah area has a new burger to try and it’s at an Italian food place. No joking here, Bona Vita Italian Bistro has a BV Burger on their menu and it’s a half-pound of Italian inspired deliciousness. Bona Vita is located by the outlets near Traverse Mountain so parking is easy, access is easy and the staff was super-friendly.  In fact, one owner invited us in and helped us find a seat while the other owner was the chef. Not a bad set up!  Here’s the review.

Bona Vita BV Burger and friesThe BV Burger is a half-pound burger made of never frozen, freshly ground beef with a little salt and pepper. The big angus patty was masterfully smothered in mozzarella cheese with onions, peppers and mushrooms oozing over it. Then the patty and smotherings where placed on a square chibatta roll and which had been drizzled with a light secret Bona Vita sauce that tasted more like a classy fry sauce than anything else. Next to the burger were some absolutely beautifully beer battered potato wedges. The presentation of the BV Burger deserves recognition by itself because I felt like my lunch had been prepared by a master chef.  The first bite lived up to the presentation and menu description because the beef perfect, the mozzarella combination worked perfectly with each bite and the bun made me very, very happy.  The wedges were good but didn’t make me super happy until I asked for a side of the secret sauce that was on my burger.  With that simple addition, the BV Burger quickly hit my list of Top 10 lifetime burgers!

BV Burgers cookingOverall, the atmosphere at Bona Vita is welcoming, classy and hip with the staff being helpful and careful to detail.  The food was wonderful and the chef nailed it with the BV Burger.  Don’t forget to ask for a side of their special sauce and your burger experience will be that much better. Welcome to the burger family Bona Vita.  Well done.

Bona Vita Italian Bistro
3700 Cabelas Blvd, Suite 355
Lehi, UT 84043
(801) 901-6955

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