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The Bomb Bombdiggitys

The Bomb BombdiggitysBombdiggitys is like nothing you’ve experienced before primarily because we are talking about Beefalo!  What is beefalo?  Beefalo is when a cow and a buffalo love each other very much.  After a few generations of love they are official USDA approved beef with all the health benefits of Buffalo meat.  Bombdiggitys doesn’t just carry Beefalo they own their own herds and are ranchers of Beefalo.  In other words, not only are you eating Beefalo but you’re buying it from the folks that raise Beefalo. That’s right, Beefalo.  So let’s get down to Beefalo burger business and The Bomb.

The Bomb is a half pound of Beefalo goodness.  Tasting more like chopped steak and less like your typical burger, the Bombdiggity burgers are definitely unique.  The bun, purchased from a local Bombdiggitysbakery, was phenomenal and helped to even-out the burger experience.  They also have a sweet sauce, originally made for their hot dogs, which makes the burger 100x better.  The fries were quite tasty and although they aren’t Beefalo fries they complemented the overall meal very nicely.  The sauces are all house specials, except for the ketchup and mustard and while you’re ordering you’ll probably see the custard creations in front of you (they do a good job of letting you know the upcoming flavor options via Facebook).  With less calories, less cholesterol and less fat than even chicken, Beefalo burgers from Bombdiggitys are not only healthy but they taste pretty darn good too.

The menu at Bombdiggitys includes Beefalo hot dogs, amazing custards and a variety of Beefalo burgers that range from sliders to 4 pound masterpieces.  The “Bodacious” wall of champion eaters inspires any foodie with pictures of successful Beefalo burger masters and their 2+ pound burgers.  The staff, the service and the decor help to make Bombdiggitys a place worth talking about but the Beefalo burgers are why I’ll be back.

Even the bathroom is cool at Bombdiggitys

1481 West 12600 South
Riverton Utah 84065

Bombdiggitys Hours:
Monday – Saturday 11:00am to 10:00pm

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  1. I was shocked at how much I liked Bombdiggity’s burger. I do think they need a 1/3 or 1/4 pound burger to add to their menu.

    That bun, I believe, is from the former Hale Center Bakery in Sugarhouse. When they closed down, they sold the recipe to Dunford/Rocky Mountain Bakery. They are the best buns in the valley.

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