BLT Burger’s Mighty BLT Burger in Las Vegas

blt burger mealBLT Burger was recommended by a friend and I’m glad I listened.  Located in the Mirage Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas’s Strip, BLT Burger is a great find for any burger lover.  While waiting to be seated I noticed an outline of the BLT Burger (aka Burger Blueprint) and I knew I was in for a treat.  The entire menu was full of a wide variety of fries (skinny, fat or waffle), onion rings, shakes (Twinkie, Nuts, PB&J etc.) and especially burgers.  Of course, as it was my first visit I felt an obligation to have their signature BLT Burger.

All their burgers are cooked Medium unless otherwise instructed and even with the pink, this burger was delicious.  Attention to meat quality stood out and they followed the BLT Burger blueprint to a T.  With a thick, juicy patty that was cooked exactly right, very light cheese (my only recommendation is to add more cheese), shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle, fresh onions (which I quickly removed) and then there was the bun.  Holy amazing bun.  Nicely buttered and wonderfully thick, this was a very unique sesame seed bun and it was heaven. I added mustard and ketchup and ate the whole thing in less than 2 minutes.  The meat was quite flavorful and was even flavorful without the ketchup and mustard.

Now for the fries.  In all honesty, I was a little suprised that the fries weren’t as good as the burger.  They are served in a little cup with a paper cone to allow for oodles of fries.  Maybe the waffle fries are better, but the fat fries were cold, some were dry and  many were overwhelmingly wet.  The top few were pretty good and I’m sure they are delicious when they are fresh.  Even with that said, the seasoning was really nice and with a little ketchup, they were good.

Another fun element to BLT Burger is the waiter’s t-shirts.  With slogans like: “If you are what you eat than I’m fast, cheap and easy” or “Tip Waiters, not cows” or “Shake it but don’t Break it”.  The service was great, the atmosphere was fun and helped the burger taste better.  Overall the Burger is highly recommended, the fries are average and for all the drinkers, they have “enhanced” milk shakes….only in Vegas can a milkshake have alcohol.


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