Big Mac vs. Big Carl – The Official Review

Big Carl vs. Big Mac

Big Mac vs Big Carl - Tops Off

As a lifelong fan of the Big Mac I think it’s important to point out that I have always enjoyed the taste, substance and goodness of the McDonalds Big Mac.  I have also always loved Carl’s Jr hamburgers (probably my most frequented lunch choice).  This was an exciting review to do and one that surprised me, so here goes:

The McDonalds Big Mac is an iconic thing of beauty.  The tangy sweetness is very refreshing and the combination of light meat, middle bun and crispy pickle all topped off with the shredded lettuce and saucy goodness makes it a very unique burger.  I was reminded of this when I bit into today’s Big Mac.  It’s a truly unique burger and after one bite I was excited to try the Big Carl.

The Carl’s Jr. Big Carl is a phenomenal burger.  It’s a great value at $2.49 and it’s loaded with meaty goodness.  It certainly has more meat than a Big Mac and it’s much messier (a good thing).  You really feel like your eating a burger and the double patties, double cheese and fresh lettuce really hit home.  The Big Carl also has it’s own version of the thousand island dressing that makes the Big Mac so special.  The only problem is you don’t taste it because there’s so much meat and cheese.  In fact, the meat and cheese are so good and plentiful that the Big Carl is simply a great burger…..and not a Big Mac alternative.

Big Mac vs. Big CarlThe conclusion is simple.  The Big Carl is both meaty and cheesy and a great value (exactly like the commercials say).  The Big Mac is sweet, tangy and one of a kind…still.  The Big Mac truly is in a league of it’s own and that’s why it has withstood the test of time.  Every fast food chain dreams of having a menu item like the Big Mac and Carl’s Jr. can keep dreaming.  The Big Carl is a good burger but shouldn’t even be in the same category as the Big Mac.

As a standalone burger (not compared to a Big Mac) the Big Carl is delicious and the best burger you’ll find at $2.49-$3.99.  To sum up my experience: If you want a good hamburger, you can’t go wrong with a Big Carl. When I order a Big Mac I’m not ordering a hamburger, I’m ordering a Big Mac.  That’s the difference and that’s the official Burger Voice!.

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  1. So you are saying that the big mac isn’t a hamburger? I might just agree with that (not much of a McDonalds fan). So what is it then?

  2. Dan,

    What I’m trying to say is that if you like McDonalds, you probably like the Big Mac. Because so many people love the Big Mac and know what a Big Mac is, it’s almost its own iconic piece of meat. Yes it’s still a hamburger but no one ever says, let’s go get some burgers, with a Big Mac in mind. They say, let’s go get a Big Mac.

    This really was a hard review. Seriously. The Big Carl is a great burger but I don’t see it becoming an iconic piece of meat because it’s just a great burger. I hope that helps.


  3. To hwhat do you attribute the tangy goodness of the Big Mac to? Just the dressing? I need answers.

  4. Just finished my Big Mac meal. One of a kind and definitely in a league of its own! Thanks for making me aware of this site.

  5. I agree the Big Mac is different. I crave one a couple of times a year and it is treat. I absolutely abhor the rest of the M.D. product line. I have always prefered Carl,s over all other fast food places. My fav. has always been the Famous Star. I like catsup and mayo over 1000 island on a burger. I didn’t like the original Big Carl, but your review has me wanting to give it a try.

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