Big Carl vs Big Mac – Let the Burger Battles Continue

Big Carl!

Big Carl!The Big Carl vs. Big Mac war is, in the words of Kung Fu Panda, PURE AWESOMENESS.  Who doesn’t love a Big Mac?  Who doesn’t love Carls’ Jr?  Now we are getting some real comparison shopping opportunities as Carl’s Jr. offers the world a cheaper, meatier and hopefully better Big Mac.  This all started with the $3.99 Angus Burgers that McDonalds has been marketing.  With an apparent attack on the Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Burger menu, McDonalds has high hopes for their Angus Burger offerings.  In my McDonalds Angus Burger review, I hopefully made it clear that my opinion of them isn’t high.  POINT: CARLS JR.

Now the real fun starts.  Carl’s Jr has decided that if McDonalds wants to compete with them, than Carl’s Jr. wants to compete with McDonalds.  And thus was born, the Big Carl (pictured to the right).  I’ll be eating this for lunch today and will share my opinions but this article in the LA Times pretty much nailed everything I’m expecting.  The most quotable aspect in this battle is by Dan Coudreaut, McDonalds Executive Chef.   “The Big Mac is the Big Mac,” Coudreaut said, calling the burger “an iconic product.” As for the bigness gap between Big Mac and Big Carl, “I don’t know if bigger is always better,” he said. “You have to find a balance.”

Let the battle rage on! Read the Official Big Carl vs Big Mac Review here


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