Bacon Cheese Burger at Arshel’s Cafe in Beaver, Utah

Arshel's Bacon Cheese Burger

Arshel's Bacon Cheese BurgerWith Five burgers on the menu at Arshel’s Cafe it wasn’t hard for me to pick the Bacon Cheese Burger.  The Bacon Cheese Burger details are simple: 1/3 lb. Beef Patty with bacon & melted cheddar cheese on a toasted bun all served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and fries.  When you first drive up to Arshel’s Cafe you are hit by the fact that this is an official “small town cafe” with tasty potential written all over it.  Located at 711 N Main St. this may be considered downtown Beaver (but I’m not positive).

The service was friendly and country with regular kitchen tables all around and “Grandma Decor” all around.  From the flowers and pictures on the wall to the lightly used and wobbly chairs, I was getting excited for a burger.

The Bacon Cheese Burger took about 10 minutes from ordering to eating.  It was served on a regular kitchen plate with nice clean strips of bacon on the melted cheddar cheese.  The toppings were set to the side and it looked like a pretty good burger.  The fries were thick and plain without any seasoning or special touch.  In fact, they were a little dry.  The bun was lightly toasted and worked well with the burger but again, it was average.

Overall: Arshel’s isn’t a stop for burgers.

It was an average burger and cost about $10.


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