Atlantis Burgers Cheeseburger in American Fork, Utah

Atlantis Burgers cheeseburger

Atlantis Burgers cheeseburgerGood news for American Fork area burger lovers.  JCWs is not your only choice for a charbroiled burger.  Introducing the now open Atlantis Burgers on the corner of 500 East and State St. in American Fork, Utah.  Atlantis Burgers joins the greek burger restaurant family of pastrami burger makers including, Apollo Burger, Crown Burger, Burger Supreme and Astro Burger but it’s one unique piece is its location.   Northern Utah County has been overlooked by these other chains for some time now so Atlantis Burger stands to gain some loyal fans if all cards are played right.

Today I hit the drive-thru of Atlantis Burger and it only took a minute to realize this was my closer Apollo Burger.  The menu includes the Atlantis Burger (pastrami burger), a few greek foods and plenty of charbroiled burger options.  Specials include the cheeseburger combo for $5.95 and turning any burger into a combo for $2.50.  The decision today was a cheeseburger in order to compare it to the others in the area.  Definitely charbroiled, the Atlantis cheeseburger is best compared to Apollo Burger.  Shredded lettuce, shredded onions, tomato, sauce and sesame seed bun, it was a juicy combination of all things greek burger place.  Even the fries were the same.

Atlantis Burgers in American Fork UtahIn my humble opinion, Atlantis Burgers isn’t a unique burger restaurant, it’s American Fork area’s closest Apollo Burger with a different name.  If you like either Crown Burger, Apollo Burger, Astro Burger or Burger Supreme then you’ll love Atlantis Burger just as much.  It’s new, clean and quick.  If you don’t like the above mentioned burger restaurants than I’m confident your attitude will stay the same with Atlantis Burgers.  Anyone ready for a Zeus Burger?

Atlantis Burgers
Corner of 500 East and State Street
American Fork UT 84003

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  1. My husband was a die-hard Parker’s Drive-In fan. After Parker’s closed their doors this winter, I decided to try Atlantis Burgers. Hubby loves their bacon-cheese burger. I love not only the great food, but the friendly staff and quick service as well.

  2. I’d say that Atlantis and Apollo are not identical. Similar yes, but there are certainly some variations. Most of the Apollos favor a crinkle cut fry and there are some very definite differences between frysauces and shakes at both, as well as seeming freshness/staleness of some of their ingredients. If you’ve eaten either enough to compare, you’ll taste it.

    Of the Greek quad, I like Crown with it’s chunky sauce the very least (although they at least have the most uniqueness to their flavors of this group, I guess) and the original Astro (they are wildly inconsistent with their other stores) at 3900 S. best. Sometimes age of the grill and the same faces cooking at it for years are the true deciding factors on taste.

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