Are you ready for a Burger Art Show?

burger-artToday is an exciting day if you live in Brooklyn (or if you can get there by Saturday).  The Laundromat Gallery has announced The Burger Group Show this Saturday which will be, in their words, “an exhibition of artwork and conceptual hamburgers by Laundromat artists..“  Now let’s think for a minute, an art show devoted to Hamburgers, artists working their magic on Hamburgers and philosophical discussions about Hamburgers?  Is there a better place to be on a Saturday night?

The burgers will be on sale from $5 to $20 and I can only imagine the details that will be shared about what inspired each one.

More details from Laundromat:

The artists will prepare burgers at the gallery, each designed with an art historical or conceptual theme and described on our menu. For example:

The Bernini Burger: Crafted in honor of the 17th century Italian Baroque sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini, this burger conveys a sense of motion, the suppleness of its materials and a dramatic flair. A beef patty, fleshy and rounded, surmounted by flowing draperies of prosciutto, a cloud of goat cheese, and a splash of the finest extra virgin olive oil. St. Teresa herself never felt such an ecstasy as this burger will provide.

If you are in the Brooklyn area or can get to the Brooklyn area, I hope you enjoy this great opportunity.  As for me, I’ll probably go get a burger and imagine what might have been if I were east for the weekend.

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