Arctic Circle Double Cheeseburger (and Bacon)

Sad Arctic Circle bun

Arctic Circle double cheeseburger mealWell it’s about time I officially review a Utah original. Arctic Circle was the first “what is that?” fast food experience I had when I arrived in Utah and where I first fell in love with fry sauce. Sweet, tangy, delicious fry sauce. In fact, many locals agree that besides the ice cream, Arctic Circle’s fry sauce is simply the best. We’ll save that for another post for today is Arctic Circle Double Cheeseburger review day. Complimentary ice cream cones, friendly staff, amazing shake flavors and big time fun play areas aside, Arctic Circle seems to popular wherever they are so here goes.

Let me be clear, I’ve never been a fan of Arctic Circle burgers. It’s the bun. I’ve had the cheap burger, the Ranch burger, the Double Cheeseburger and lots of their chicken sandwiches and yet to have a good bun. They always taste like they are from the closeout bakery and like they were microwaved earlier in the day to try to restore any freshness potential. Sad Arctic Circle bunUsually cracking with the first squish, today’s Double Cheeseburger was no exception, yet another less than impressive bun. The double cheeseburger itself wasn’t bad at all. The cheese squares slowly melted as I ate and it was a nice, gooey cheeseburger. I added bacon at the suggestion of the large stature gentlemen behind the counter and frankly, the bacon was a pleasant surprise. Thicker, hardier than I was expecting and it worked well with the burger (except for the bun of course).

Arctic Circle fries are delicious. The Yukon fries campaign was fun and the new golden crispy fries are quite good with the official Arctic Circle fry sauce. I’ve always liked fast food fries so there’s no surprise in my complimenting these golden gems. Overall, Arctic Circle please, please consider changing your buns or getting them from somewhere else or even just keeping the bag closed in the back because they are always dry and I know it doesn’t have to be that way. Priced at $3.99 (there’s a special) I was full, satisfied and only mildly frustrated by the bun. All those fries and fry sauce galore made up for everything though…as did the chocolate dipped ice cream cone.

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