America’s Best Cheeseburger – It’s Official

I think we can all agree that the official pulse of food in america is The Food Network and I am happy to know that they have crowned the best burger in America as the 10 o’clock burger from Holeman & Finch Public House in Atlanta, Georgia.  I believe it’s because The Food Network hasn’t yet been to Communal in Provo but I’m anxious to get to Atlanta and try the 10 o’clock burger.  Now that Holeman & Finch Public House is amazingly famous and home to America’s best cheeseburger they’ve also shared their “secret sauce” with Taste of Atlanta and I’m here to share.

1 – Bake Your Own Bread

2 – Use Fresh Ground Meat

3 – Add Red Onions and Kraft American Cheese (that’s right, Kraft singles)

4 – K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid)

5 – Serve with Fries and a Bubbly Beverage.

Now that I know the secrets to America’s best cheeseburger I’m going to visit a few local restaurants and encourage them to focus on these 5 steps:)  Special thanks to Executive Sous Chef Jason Paolini for sharing the details and for CNN for the full article and details.

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