America’s Best Burgers are in Salt Lake City

Travel + Leisure has officially announced the best places in America for burgers and guess who came in #2 in the nation?  That’s right, Salt Lake City (no. 1 was Houston but we won’t talk about that here).  I’m often asked why I started a burger blog so knowing that I’m based in the #2 burger city in the country pretty much answers that question now.  In the words of the website:

Locals have lined up in droves ever since the streamlined burgers of In-N-Out have come to town, but otherwise the area’s burger personality is quite a bit more decadent—as in, pastrami burgers. To try a quarter-pound patty piled high with more beef, check out Crown Burger, where they also add Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, onions, and cheese.

The fact that Crown Burger and In-N-Out were called out by the blurb surprises me.  With Roy’s Burger Bar being featured on diner tv shows, Porter’s Place having the Destroying Angel (nothing says Utah like a Porter Rockwell themed Destroying Angel burger), the awesomeness that is Communal in Provo and so many variations of the pastrami burger dotting the state I guess a congratulations is in order for both chains.  Imagine how much sooner Utah could have been featured if In-N-Out hadn’t waited so long to join the ranks of burger stops.

We are in a burger paradise.


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