About BurgerVoice

BurgerVoice – I do it for the people.  At a business luncheon in 2008 I was asked what my new year’s goal was for the coming year.  After listening to other professionals commit to running half-marathons and full marathons all over the world, I sat back and decided that although running a marathon was out of the question I could do the next best thing, start a burger blog.  And thus began the chronicles of BurgerVoice.

I’ve always loved burgers and fries.  I’ve always enjoyed fast-food, greasy dives and even the occasional fancy gourmet burger so BurgerVoice is my humble attempt at sharing my personal opinion about many of the burgers I enjoy on a regular basis.  Everything is 100% my opinion but the comments section is designed to allow readers the chance to share their thoughts.  Welcome to BurgerVoice and I hope you enjoy the burger discovery process.  Feel free to recommend any burgers anywhere….I’m always eating so chances are I’ll eventually get there.