A Match Made in Whopper Heaven – Burger King + Nascar

stewart burger king endorsementBurger King is ready to jump to the big stage of Nascar.  In a match made in Whopper Heaven, Burger King and famous Nascar racer Tony Stewart are rolling out some new celebrity endorsements.  I guess if it’s good enough for Tony, it’s good enough for me is the theme of choice.  The first commercial will feature Tony Stewart teaching other celebrities how to properly endorse a product.  The next commercials will feature Tony taking a polygraph test to prove he loves Whoppers.

I hope they are as fun to watch as the Carl’s Jr Big Carl commercials.

This is part of an overall push by Burger King to keep the Whopper in the minds of we, the people.  Towards the end of October there will also be a new site called TruthAboutTony.com that will include sweepstakes, insights and hopefully some coupons.  I know if I was a Nascar fan I’d go buy a Whopper after each commercial, guaranteed!

Quote of Choice:

“It’s no secret that I love the Whopper sandwich,” Stewart said in a statement. “Participating in a live polygraph test just further demonstrates my enthusiasm and the lengths that I’ll go to, to prove my love for its flame-fresh taste.”

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