A Donut Cheeseburger – Does it Get Any Better?

The Mighty Donut Cheeseburger

The Mighty Donut CheeseburgerIn September CBS 3 in Springfield, MA ran a story about a local burger joint’s new burger.  The Big E introduced a 1500 calorie burger that was getting rave reviews.  With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it makes sense to highlight this beautiful burger and hopefully inspire more restaurants to introduce the DONUT CHEESEBURGER.

Priced at $5 this DONUT CHEESEBURGER is a glazed donut cut in half, then grilled.  Inside the lightly grilled donut is a 1/4 pound burger with cheese and topped with bacon.  I’d almost consider this a delicious breakfast burger.  Officially called the CRAZ-E Burger, this masterpiece gets my mouth watering.  Way to go Big-E and thanks for making a burger worth talking about!

Where is this burger? This special and one of a kind treat can be found at The Big E at the Big EZ Cafe which is located outside Door 7 of the of the Better Living Center in Springfield, MA

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  1. Springfield, MA DID NOT INVENT THIS!!!!!!!

    THIS IS A “LUTHER VANDROSS” Burger as served at Google’s cafeteria in New York

    In any case, the donut burger is delicious.

    Some people call it “The Vandross” because as legend has it Luther Vandross invented it after running out of bread.

    Possibly the worlds unhealthiest burger, the Luther Burger contains more than 1000 calories and typically has over 45 grams of fat per portion!

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